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Ms. Pickles

by luc de haanWorlds: A Mission of Discovery
Anonymous asked:
Wow internet couple I know nothing about besides what you post, you are such an inspiration

Thanks anon, I’m glad you seem to care enough to go all the way to my ask box just to tell me just that! You are clearly an upstanding individual whom seems to have mistook my kind words to an internet couple whom I know nothing about besides the daily posts they both make about how much they love each other as some sort of one off ask by a misguided teenage girl who saw they were a couple and quickly became “Inspired” by them. It would appear that you haven’t noticed that I have been following the two of them for over a year now and have seen their daily posts about how amazing they each are and watched as their relationship blossomed to them deciding to get married. Sure I realize that not everything is perfect, as with any relationship, but for the two of them it has worked, and their posts stand testament to that. 

You on the other hand appear to be some sort of bitter man-child who can’t stand others giving praise or feeling a bit inspired by others efforts and feel the need to tell people your hot opinion. Quite frankly, it shows to me that you have the intelligence of a 4 year old, and will more than likely never find happiness in life. I wish for your life to be a long and tortured one where you will die alone, crying, and preferably recognizing that if you had spent more time not being a fucking tool, people would’ve maybe even liked you.

May your days be horrible and your milk sour

Love, the ShadowsCloak

(Come back anytime for another taunting)


The Black Sea at Night, Ivan Aivazovsky, 1879
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Quite possibly the best/worst fortune cookie fortune ever.

Poster for the New Zealand Shipping Co Ltd, 1930s (by National Library NZ)